squeeze1 [ skwiz ] verb **
1. ) intransitive or transitive to press something firmly, especially with your hands:
Ruth smiled, squeezing his hand affectionately.
I took a firm grip and squeezed tightly, but nothing happened.
Kara squeezed the bottle, and the water rushed out.
a ) transitive to press something such as a liquid out of something:
She squeezed some cream onto her hands.
freshly-squeezed orange juice
2. ) intransitive to get through or into a small space:
He had squeezed through a hole in the fence.
She squeezed past the desk and sat on the bed.
Passengers were trying to squeeze onto the bus.
a ) transitive to fit or move something into a small space:
We can only squeeze one more thing into the bag.
The letters were squeezed together so you could hardly read them.
3. ) transitive to make someone have financial trouble, for example by raising prices, cutting a supply of money, or increasing competition:
Supermarkets are accused of squeezing both customers and suppliers.
Education is often the first to be squeezed at a time of cuts.
4. ) transitive if you squeeze your eyes shut, you close them tightly
,squeeze `in phrasal verb transitive
to be able to do something, even though you do not have much time:
I can squeeze a meeting in early tomorrow morning.
Nevin squeezed in a third goal just before the end of the game.
,squeeze `out phrasal verb transitive
1. ) if one business or part of a system squeezes out another, the first one becomes so important or successful that the other cannot succeed or continue to exist:
The company tried hard to squeeze out competitors and raise prices.
Music instruction is slowly being squeezed out of the curriculum.
2. ) squeeze something out of someone to make someone tell you something even though they do not want to:
They made one final attempt to squeeze concessions out of us.
squeeze 2 [ skwiz ] noun
▸ 1 action of squeezing
▸ 2 small amount
▸ 3 someone/something in small space
▸ 4 strict control on something
▸ 5 boyfriend/girlfriend
1. ) count the action of squeezing something:
He gave her shoulder a comforting squeeze.
2. ) count a small amount of something that is squeezed out of something:
a squeeze of lemon juice
3. ) singular a situation in which a lot of people or things are squeezed into a space:
It was a squeeze to get everyone into the car.
4. ) singular a situation in which there is strict control over money or goods:
a squeeze on costs/profits/wages
put a/the squeeze on someone/something: The government's putting the squeeze on business profits.
feel the squeeze: The economy is said to be improving, but many of us are still feeling the squeeze.
5. ) count AMERICAN INFORMAL a boyfriend or girlfriend

Usage of the words and phrases in modern English. 2013.

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